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Peru Luxury Trips: Immerse in the Extraordinary

Peru Luxury Trips: Immerse in the Extraordinary

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This South American gem offers more than just stunning landscapes and rich history; it’s a haven for upscale travel. Our Peru luxury trips are designed to immerse you in the finest aspects of Peruvian culture, comfort, and adventure.

From the lush Amazonian rainforests to the ancient mystique of Machu Picchu, and the urban elegance of Lima, each destination within Peru is tailored to provide unparalleled luxury.

Indulge in exclusive accommodations, gourmet cuisine, and personalized services that transform your journey into an unforgettable experience of sophistication and wonder.

Peru Luxury Trips

Highlights of Peru

Experience the Wonder and Diversity of Peru's Top Attractions

Machu Picchu

The crown jewel of Peruvian heritage, Machu Picchu is an ancient Inca city set high in the Andes Mountains. It’s renowned for its sophisticated dry-stone walls, intriguing buildings, and panoramic views that connect you with the Inca civilization.

Lake Titicaca

The world’s highest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca is famous for its floating reed islands and the unique cultures of the Uros people. Its serene beauty and cultural significance make it a mesmerizing destination.

Nazca Lines

These mysterious geoglyphs etched into the desert are best viewed from the air. The Nazca Lines, with their complex designs of animals and shapes, remain one of the world’s greatest archaeological mysteries.

Amazon Rainforest

In eastern Peru lies the biodiverse Amazon Rainforest, offering an authentic wildlife experience. Explore its rich flora and fauna, enjoy river cruises, and stay in eco-friendly lodges for a true jungle adventure

Colca Canyon

Twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, Colca Canyon is a spectacular natural wonder. It’s a popular spot for hiking, soaking in hot springs, and spotting the majestic Andean condors.

The Sacred Valley

Nestled between Cusco and Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley is rich in Inca ruins, traditional villages, and stunning landscapes. It’s a hub for outdoor activities like trekking, mountain biking, and exploring ancient sites.

Must-Visit Cities and Regions in Peru

Explore the Diversity and Charm of Peru's Most Iconic Destinations

A Melting Pot of History, Culture, and Gastronomy

Explore Lima’s rich history through its colonial architecture and bustling markets. Known as the culinary capital of South America, Lima offers an exquisite fusion of traditional and contemporary cuisines, making it a paradise for food enthusiasts.

Ancient Traditions Meet Colonial Splendor

Cusco, once the capital of the Inca Empire, is now the gateway to Machu Picchu. Wander through its cobblestone streets, admire the fusion of Inca and Spanish architecture, and immerse yourself in its vibrant cultural scene, bustling with traditional markets and festivals.

Majestic Volcanoes and Colonial Masterpieces

Nestled in the shadow of three imposing volcanoes, Arequipa boasts stunning baroque buildings made of white volcanic stone. The city’s rich cultural heritage, combined with its picturesque surroundings, makes it a must-visit for history buffs and nature lovers alike.

Experience Elegance with Peru Luxury Trips?

Ready for an unforgettable journey? Discover the wonders of Peru in style. Book your luxury trip today and embrace the adventure, comfort, and culture awaiting you!

Peruvian Cuisine: A Culinary Journey Through Peru

Savour the Flavors and Traditions of Peru's Gastronomic Delights

Peruvian Flavors and Must-Try Dishes

Ceviche: The Quintessential Peruvian Delicacy

Freshly caught seafood marinated in tangy lime juice and spiced with ají peppers served with sweet potato and corn.

Lomo Saltado: A Fusion of Flavors

A stir-fry blending tender strips of beef with onions, tomatoes, and Peruvian spices, mixed with fries and served over rice.

Aji de Gallina - Peruvian Dish

Aji de Gallina: A Creamy Comfort Dish

Shredded chicken in a rich, spicy, nutty sauce made with ají amarillo peppers, served over rice and garnished with olives and boiled eggs.

Causa Rellena - Peruvian Dish

Causa Rellena: A Layered Potato Delight

Layers of mashed yellow potatoes, filled with tuna, chicken, or vegetables, and topped with avocado and boiled egg.

Rocoto Relleno

Rocoto Relleno: A Spicy Surprise

Rocoto peppers stuffed with a savory mixture of spiced ground beef or pork, raisins, and olives, baked with a topping of melted cheese.

Alpaca Steak - Peruvian Dish

Alpaca Steak: A Lean Andean Specialty

Tender and flavorful steak from the Andean alpaca, often grilled and served with Peruvian sides like quinoa or roasted potatoes.

Local Eateries and Food Experiences Recommendations

Discover the Authentic Tastes of Peru at These Must-Visit Dining Spots

Indulge in high-end Peruvian cuisine at this world-renowned restaurant, offering innovative dishes that tell a story of Peru’s rich culinary heritage.

Experience the biodiversity of Peru with a tasting menu that takes you through various altitudes, from the Amazon to the Andes.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this traditional market, sampling local snacks, fresh fruits, and traditional Peruvian street food.

Not just a museum, but an interactive experience where you can learn about chocolate making and try exquisite Peruvian chocolate.

Best Time to Visit Peru

Planning Your Peru Luxury Trip : When to Visit Peru for the Best Experience

Dry Season: May to September

Ideal for Trekking and Mountain Adventures: This period is perfect for hiking the Inca Trail or exploring Machu Picchu, with dry, sunny weather and cooler temperatures in the Andes, including Cusco and the Sacred Valley.

Wet Season: December to March

Lush Landscapes and Fewer Crowds: The Amazon rainforest thrives during these months, with fuller rivers for boat trips. It’s the rainy season in the highlands but offers a more peaceful experience at popular tourist sites.

Shoulder Seasons: April, October to November

Balanced Weather and Reduced Crowds: These months offer a compromise between favourable weather and avoiding peak tourist times. April marks the end of the rainy season with vibrant landscapes, while October to November sees improving weather conditions.

The ideal months may vary depending on specific activities and regions. For coastal and beach activities, the summer months (December to March) are preferable. Also, consider local events like Inti Raymi in June and Fiesta de la Candelaria in February, which can enhance your trip but also mean busier periods. Always stay updated with local weather forecasts and cultural calendars to optimize your travel plans.

Peru Luxury Trips: Exclusive Itineraries

Experience the Best of Peru with Tailor-Made Itineraries

Craft your dream journey with our bespoke Peru luxury trips. From private tours of hidden Incan treasures to exclusive culinary experiences in Lima, each itinerary is designed to cater to your unique preferences for an unforgettable luxury adventure in Peru.

Note: Please note that the above itineraries for Peru luxury trips are samples and can be fully customized to meet your specific preferences and interests. They are intended to provide a glimpse into the possibilities for your exquisite journey to Peru.

Experience Thrilling Adventures with the Comfort of Luxury on Your Peru Luxury Trips

Adventure in Comfort: Luxury Outdoor Activities in Peru

Tailored Outdoor Excursions

Embrace the thrill of adventure without compromising on comfort with our luxury outdoor activities. Our Peru luxury trips offer a unique blend of excitement and indulgence. From private guided treks through the breathtaking landscapes of the Andes to exclusive Amazonian river expeditions, every adventure is designed with luxury and comfort in mind.

Exclusive Andean Explorations

Discover the majestic Andes in style. Enjoy luxury camping experiences with all the amenities you need, set in the midst of Peru’s stunning natural beauty. Our private guided hikes to hidden Inca trails and ruins ensure an intimate and unforgettable exploration.

Luxury Amazon Adventures

Dive into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest with upscale, eco-friendly lodges as your base. Embark on private guided wildlife safaris, enjoy serene river cruises, and relax in the comfort of top-tier accommodations, all while being surrounded by one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet.

Bespoke Experiences Tailored for You

Our Peru luxury trips are not just about seeing the sights; they’re about creating experiences that resonate with your personal sense of adventure and luxury. Let us craft an adventure that’s as unique as you are, ensuring that your journey through Peru is filled with awe-inspiring moments and unparalleled comfort.

Peru Luxury Trips: A Visual Showcase

Dive into the Splendor of Peru with Our Gallery of Luxury Travel Experiences. Discover the elegance and adventure awaiting you in our curated collection of images, highlighting the best of Peru's luxury destinations.

Found your favourite destination?

Let’s connect. We will curate the most memorable trip for you.

Famous Attractions on Peru Luxury Trips

Explore the Splendor of Peru's Most Iconic Sites in Unmatched Luxury

Machu Picchu in Style:

Experience the ancient wonder of Machu Picchu with exclusive tours, luxury lodges, and breathtaking views, offering a unique blend of adventure and comfort.

Deluxe Amazon Adventures:

Journey into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest with luxury cruises and upscale eco-lodges, ensuring an immersive experience in one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems.

Lake Titicaca in Opulence:

Discover the cultural and natural beauty of Lake Titicaca on private boat tours and stay in high-end accommodations with stunning lakeside views.

Nazca Lines from Above:

Marvel at the mysterious Nazca Lines with a private flight, offering a unique perspective on these ancient geoglyphs, followed by a lavish stay in the region’s best resorts.

Colca Canyon with Elegance:

Explore the depths of Colca Canyon with luxury tours, including private guides, exclusive viewings of the Andean condors, and relaxation in top-tier spas and resorts.

Testimonials: Experiences from Our Peru Luxury Trips

Hear What Our Travellers Say About Their Unforgettable Journeys in Peru

Thank you for everything! You are by far my best travel agent… it’s so good to know I can rely on you with my eyes closed and not a worry…You have always come through (with excellence) for my family and I! Thank you again.

 – Monika Raut

Small Group Peru Luxury Trips: An Intimate and Exclusive Adventure

Embark on an unforgettable journey to the heart of Peru with our small group luxury trips. Designed for discerning travelers who seek a more intimate and personalized experience, these tours combine the comfort of luxury travel with the camaraderie and connection of a small group setting.

Small Group Peru Luxury Trips

Personalized Attention and Expert Guidance

Our small group trips are limited to a select number of guests, ensuring that each traveller receives individual attention. With expert local guides leading the way, you’ll gain in-depth insights into Peru’s rich history, culture, and natural wonders.

Exclusive Experiences and Access

Enjoy access to exclusive experiences that are not available to larger groups. Whether it’s a private cooking class with a renowned Peruvian chef, a secluded picnic in the Sacred Valley, or a special after-hours tour of a museum, these unique activities provide a deeper and more authentic exploration of Peru.

Exquisite Accommodations and World-Class Service

Stay in some of Peru’s finest hotels and boutique lodgings, handpicked for their exceptional quality, unique character, and excellent service. From historic estates to contemporary luxury retreats, each accommodation enhances the group’s experience with its distinctive charm and comfort.

Comfortable and Convenient Transportation

Travel between destinations in comfort with private transportation arranged exclusively for your group. Whether it’s a scenic train ride to Machu Picchu or a private vehicle for exploring remote areas, our focus is on your comfort and convenience.

Experience Elegance with Peru Luxury Trips?

Ready for an unforgettable journey? Discover the wonders of Peru in style. Book your luxury trip today and embrace the adventure, comfort, and culture awaiting you!

FAQ of Peru Luxury Trips

What are the must-visit Peru tourist locations?

Peru is filled with a variety of tourist locations that cater to different interests. Key highlights include Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, the Amazon Rainforest, the Nazca Lines, Lake Titicaca, and the vibrant cities of Lima and Cusco. Each offers a unique glimpse into Peru’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Are there Lima Peru tours to Machu Picchu?

.Yes, there are several tours from Lima to Machu Picchu. These often include flights from Lima to Cusco and then a combination of train and bus travel to reach Machu Picchu. Many tours also offer guided visits to ensure a full understanding of the historical significance of the site.

Where can I find a comprehensive Peru travel guide?

Comprehensive Peru travel guides are available in both digital and print formats. They can be found in bookstores, online platforms, or through travel agencies. These guides typically cover a range of topics from local attractions and accommodations to cultural etiquette and safety tips.

What are the current Peru travel restrictions due to COVID-19 or other reasons?

Travel restrictions can vary and are subject to change. It’s important to check the latest guidelines from official sources or consult a Peru travel agent. Common restrictions may include proof of vaccination, negative COVID-19 tests, and masks in certain public places.

Are there Lima Peru tours to Machu Picchu?

.Yes, there are several tours from Lima to Machu Picchu. These often include flights from Lima to Cusco and then a combination of train and bus travel to reach Machu Picchu. Many tours also offer guided visits to ensure a full understanding of the historical significance of the site.

What are some of the top Peru Lima tourist attractions?

In Lima, don’t miss the historic Plaza Mayor, the Larco Museum, the Miraflores district, and the bohemian Barranco neighbourhood. Lima is also known for its outstanding culinary scene, including traditional Peruvian dishes and fusion cuisine.

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Tour / Trip Details

4*+ Boutique stays in Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley
  • Visit Machu Picchu
  • Local Market visits and hands-on cooking workshops
  • Fascinating archeological sites and local community visits
  • All visits will be guided by professionals
  • Authentic meals and shopping visits
  • Museum visits and traditional shows & ceremonies
  • Services of an experienced tour manager throughout the tour
Classic Luxury Exploration of Peru (7 Days)
  • Day 1: Arrival in Lima Check into a luxury hotel. Evening at leisure exploring Lima's vibrant Miraflores district.
  • Day 2: Lima Cultural Tour Private guided tour of Lima’s historical landmarks and museums. Dinner at a top-rated gourmet restaurant.
  • Day 3: Fly to Cusco, Explore the City Morning flight to Cusco. Check into a luxury hotel. Afternoon walking tour of Cusco’s historic center. Evening at leisure to acclimate to the altitude.
  • Day 4: Sacred Valley Excursion Private tour of the Sacred Valley, including Pisac market and Ollantaytambo ruins. Lunch at a luxury hacienda. Return to Cusco for the night.
  • Day 5: Machu Picchu Adventure Luxury train to Machu Picchu. Private guided tour of the ancient Inca city. Overnight at a high-end lodge near Machu Picchu.
  • Day 6: Leisure Day at Machu Picchu and Return to Cusco Opportunity to explore Machu Picchu again or relax at the lodge. Luxury train back to Cusco. Farewell dinner at a renowned Cusco restaurant.
  • Day 7: Departure from Cusco Private transfer to the airport for your departure flight.
Peru Luxury Adventure and Relaxation (10 Days)
Day 1: Arrival in Lima
  • Check into a premier hotel.
  • Evening at leisure enjoying Lima’s coastal views.
Day 2: Gourmet and Art Tour of Lima
  • Private culinary tour, including a cooking class and market visit.
  • Afternoon visit to Lima’s contemporary art galleries.
  • Dinner at an exclusive restaurant.
Day 3: Fly to Arequipa, City Exploration
  • Flight to Arequipa.
  • Stay at a luxury colonial-style hotel.
  • Guided tour of Arequipa’s historical sites.
Day 4: Colca Canyon Excursion
  • Private tour to Colca Canyon.
  • Overnight stay in a luxury lodge with hot springs.
Day 5: Spotting Andean Condors, Return to Arequipa
  • Morning viewing of Andean condors.
  • Return to Arequipa for relaxation and exploration.
Day 6: Fly to Cusco, Leisure Day
  • Flight to Cusco.
  • Day at leisure to explore the city or enjoy hotel amenities.
Day 7: Sacred Valley Private Tour
  • Explore Moray terraces and Maras salt mines.
  • Luxury picnic lunch.
  • Return to Cusco for the night.
Day 8: Luxury Train to Lake Titicaca
  • Board a luxury train to Puno, enjoying scenic views.
  • Overnight stay at a lakeside luxury hotel.
Day 9: Private Boat Tour of Lake Titicaca
  • Visit the Uros floating islands and Taquile Island.
  • Cultural experiences with local communities.
  • Return to Puno for relaxation.
Day 10: Departure from Juliaca Airport
  • Private transfer to Juliaca airport for your departure flight.

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